we are carter cpa

your financial insight accounting firm

Carter CPA is not your typical accounting firm. We combine deep knowledge of money matters and a passion for behavioral finance to guide you towards an understanding of how your choices and finances work (or don’t work!) together. We make sure that the choices you make will serve you well today and set you up for success in the future.

the carter cpa difference

1We illuminate the emotional components of financial choices.

At Carter CPA, we recognize that every decision has financial and emotional components. Our process starts with getting to know you and what matters most to you. We combine that information with your financial data to create a singular, empowered approach to decision making.

2Collaboration is our priority.

Your tax return and all of your financial data help us create a framework for your overall financial plan. The relationship we cultivate becomes a valuable resource for you to make great financial choices with confidence.

3We use time wisely

Communication is the key to any strong relationship. We work with you to establish a communication schedule to ensure that your plans are on track and milestones are being met.

the carter cpa experience

meet the team

Libby Vona

firm manager

The one who gets it all done!
The one who gets it all done! Libby keeps our team and clients on track by scheduling, planning, responding to requests and managing the flow of over 12,000 tasks each year. (That is not an exaggerated number, we are accountants, we keep track!)

Jodi Carter

certified public accountant

The one who leads!
The one who leads! With warmth, humor, and 30+ years of experience, Jodi empowers clients to recognize that finances source happiness! She focuses on guiding them to make great financial choices and leads our team by maintaining the highest standards for the quality of our services.

Michael Terebush

tax and accounting assistant

The one that handles the details!
The one that handles the details! Michael is involved with tax preparation and managing accounting data for business clients including all filing requirements and software assistance. He is the magician that makes deadlines disappear!

our values

Finances are a puzzle and you have all the pieces. We’re here to put the puzzle together.

We believe that you should feel confidence and ease around all things financial.
No question is too small or too big.
Every choice is a financial choice and we are here for you for all of them.

who we serve

individuals, families & couples

Come for the taxes, stay for the Financial Confidence! Our relationships often begin with a request for assistance with tax filings, and there is so much more we can do together. As we learn about your goals, concerns, and ambitions, we guide you toward an understanding of how your choices and finances work together.

How we help:
  • Establish a timeline with check-ins throughout the year
  • Leverage our knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals and reach your own personal benchmark of financial success
  • Introduce you to other professionals we trust (Financial Advisors, Lending Specialists, Realtors, etc.), creating a team of advisors in your corner
  • And of course, we prepare tax filings! Tax filings become easy when we have collaborated on everything above.

freelancers & small businesses

Whether you are a freelancer working on your own or a business owner building a thriving entity, we are ready to provide support. We help you understand the financial data and the story it’s telling, so you can mindfully set and achieve goals.

How we help:

  • Establish a system that supports your plans and helps maintain a successful path, setting up the best structure based on reporting, cash flow, and tax management business needs
  • Leverage our knowledge and experience to help you achieve your business goals
  • Introduce you to other professionals we trust (Payroll and Insurance Services, Retirement Professionals), creating a team of advisors in your corner
  • Manage all compliance for tax filings, payroll, sales tax, and more

our community

At Financial Insight Training, we’re driven by a desire to shift the widespread mindset that money is a scary or even taboo topic. Instead of accepting that you’re “good” or “bad” at your finances, we want financial conversations to be accessible and routine. Just as you would go to a trainer to get in shape or see a coach for career advice, we want to be there to support you throughout your long-term relationship with your finances. With a complete curriculum that addresses everything from your money mindset to clear explanations about financial tools, plus live workshops, access to private coaching, and a community to have the empowering conversations, we help you define and find everything you want in your life, lived with ease and confidence.

How we help:
  • Heighten awareness around your unique relationship with money
  • Shift the perceptions and habits that have historically interfered with your financial happiness
  • Establish a system that helps you track and review financial data with ease
  • Empower you to make confident financial choices and establish a personal financial philosophy to carry you throughout life
  • Develop your own benchmark for financial success
  • Teach and demonstrate that earning ifcomeTM (fluctuating or uncertain income) is not a barrier to financial success

some of our clients

“A testimonial? five words.... there is no one better.”

“It is hard to believe we have worked with Carter CPA for over 40 years, originally with the founder, Jerald Elkins, and then with Jodi Carter for the past twenty years. We have had a relatively complicated tax situation stemming from one of us being a salaried employee, the other a business owner and our many ventures into real estate investments, both residential and commercial. Additionally, we have been primary residents of four different States over the years. Despite this and the changing tax laws on real estate and other investment strategies, Carter CPA has maintained the necessary expertise and advice that has allowed us to optimize our tax situation. The transition in technology over the years was extremely smooth and the service has remained at the highest levels. Carter CPA is defined by the word "professionalism.”

Joan Childs and Jerry Zaret

“I have been very fortunate to have Carter CPA by my side during the development of my new business. Jodi and her team have guided me through all of the financial and organizational challenges of a start up. Their knowledge and support has been instrumental, and I look forward to growing together. They truly understand my vision, and are proactive in helping me achieve my goals.”

Ian Velardi

“I am a free-lance medical writer and a children's book author -- now on the edge of retirement. For me, tax preparation was complicated and disorganized. For Jodi Carter, not at all. For many years now she has me orderly, and amused rather than confused about my taxes. Jodi has organized my financial transactions and transitions, shaped up the IRS for me, and has always been responsive to my questions and concerns — even if they are silly. Of all the "services" I have that make my life easier, Carter CPA tops the list.”

Jane Sarnoff

“For over 20 years, we have had great confidence in the services we have received from Carter CPA. Most recently, Jodi introduced us to the firm’s Financial Planning Services. She paired us with a Certified Financial Planner that is part of her team and together, they have been instrumental in developing a well balanced financial plan for our retirement. They are quick to respond to all our questions and concerns and most importantly we feel they truly have our best financial interest in mind. They are an impressive team and always a delight to work with.”

Tom and Barbara Dougherty

“A number of years ago, a close friend referred Jodi Carter to me when I need a good tax advisor. I have continued to work with her as I've found both her accounting and her communication skills to be excellent. More recently, when I needed help with financial planning and estate planning, she made recommendations of people and a process that has worked out extremely well. Spearheaded by Jodi, I now have a coordinated team of top professionals working diligently on my behalf.”

Lester Barnett

“Jodi is the consummate professional. In more than 20 years of working with her, I've learned to trust her implicitly, and she functions as the CFO for my two businesses. Her work and advice are invariably terrific, her responsiveness is unmatched, and her up-do-date systems enhance my business efficiency. It's exactly what you want in a CPA.”

Laura Schneider

“As a performer and consultant that I have been a long term “legacy” client working with Carter CPA, LLC for over 20 years. They have prepared my yearly taxes with a high level of expertise, great efficiently, accuracy and speed for so many years my gratitude cannot be overstated.

I would whole heartedly recommend Jodi Carter and the team at Carter CPA LLC to any individual or company for their financial needs."

Hal E. Gross

“Going through a divorce is emotionally and financially exhausting. Jodi and her team were extremely patient and helpful. They advised me about my finances, put together a monthly budget, prepared my taxes, reviewed my interim agreement and tax implications. I am finally on track and able to plan for my future wisely with their guidance.”




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