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The 2019 Tax Deadline Extension

Your tax return is due 7/15/20:

  • The Federal tax deadline was extended from 4/15/20 to 7/15/20.

    • There will be no late penalties or interest assessed on 2019 tax payments made by 7/15.
    • This extension is for all individual and business returns that were due on 4/15/20.
    • This is extension does not apply to estate returns (Form 706)
  • State deadlines – Each state is passing separate legislation about the due dates. Many are falling in line with the IRS deadline of 7/15, others are choosing different dates.

    • NY, NJ, CA, CO, CT, DC, MA, PA, SC, NC have all been extended to 7/15
    • For any other state filing deadlines, please ask us for an update.

You have more time to contribution to 2019 retirement accounts and HSAs:

  • IRA contributions for 2019 are now due 7/15.
  • SEP contributions for 2019 are now due 7/15.
  • HSA contributions for 2019 are now due 7/15.

You have more time for 2020 estimated tax payments:

Our quarterly reminders will have specific instructions about due date changes throughout the year.

  • Federal 2020 estimates

    • Q1 2020 estimates are now due 7/15
    • Q2 2020 estimates are now due 7/15
  • State 2020 estimates

    • NY extended the Q1 estimate to 7/15
    • For any other state filing deadlines, please ask us for an update.


  • Your return was already efiled with electronic payments scheduled for 4/15 and you want to change the payment to 7/15

    • Federal payments – you may revoke (cancel) your payment by contacting the US Treasury at 888-353-4537. You must call to make a payment cancellation request no later than two business days prior to the scheduled payment date.
    • NY payments – cancel your scheduled payment at least two days before the direct debit date by calling 518-485-7884. When you call, have a recent return and your payment information available. (If you have an Online Services account with NY, login and use View and cancel scheduled payments.)
  • You have a current installment plan with the IRS, and wish to suspended payments until 7/15.

    • If you mail payments, you can just skip them.
    • If you have a direct debit agreement, and wish to suspend, please ask us for an update.
  • You owe taxes for prior years.

    • All IRS action for levies, suspension of passports and collection procedures are suspended until 7/15.
    • Let’s submit all requests for plans before the IRS reopens the collection process on 7/15!

Updated 04.10.20

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