what we do

For Individuals

Come for the taxes stay for the Financial Confidence! We recognize that our relationships often begin with a request for assistance with tax filings, and we know that there is so much more we can do together. As we learn about your goals, concerns and ambitions we guide you toward an understanding of how your choices and finances work together.

How can we help you as an individual?

  • Establish a timeline with check-ins (at least semi-annually) that suits your circumstances
  • Learn about your priorities, plans and goals and leverage our knowledge and skills to assist you
  • Determine the measures of financial success and the plans for achieving your goals
  • Introduce you to other professionals that we trust (Financial Advisors, Lending Specialists, Realtors, etc.)
  • And of course we prepare tax filings! That’s easy when we have collaborated on all of the above!

Self-Employed and Entrepreneurs

Whether you are a part-time freelancer building toward a thriving entity or a business owner with an established company, we are ready to provide support. We’ll help you understand the story told by the financial data so you can mindfully set and achieve goals.

How can we help with your business?

  • Entity choice is an important decision and we guide you to the best option
  • Learn about your business and goals so we can set up systems that support your plans
  • Introduce you to other professionals that we trust (Payroll and Insurance Services, Retirement Professionals, etc.)
  • Manage all compliance for tax filings, payroll, sales tax, etc.
  • Provide reports that answer the important questions that will keep you on a successful path

Financial Insight Training

We use our expertise to serve committed individuals who are open and dedicated to transforming their money mindset. Whether you are looking to grow from lack to luster or from uncertainty to confidence, we will meet you where you are. With our immersive, personalized program, you’ll succeed in learning how to create a full life that you’re in control of and fulfilled by.

How can we help with you gain Financial Insight?

  • Heighten awareness about your unique relationship with money and discover your values – what matters most to you
  • Shift the perceptions and habits that have historically interfered with your financial happiness
  • Learn to track and review financial data with ease
  • Determine what aligned choices will bring you confidence in your financial life
  • Establish your new, personal Financial Philosophy

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